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Learning like innovation is a free flowing never ending process. Learning should complement innovation. To broaden the focus of the professionals there is need for proper training to enable them cope with the ever changing environment. Diversification and Vertical Integration (both forward and backward) is a must do for any professional who wants to go places and not be stagnant.

Every organization aspires to offer training programs, which meet the industry standards and bring out the best in their employees. For a company, every employee is a potential leader in his / her own domain. Well-trained and groomed employees are the mantra to the success of any organization.

At Namitus, we understand the market needs better than anyone else and equip the professional with variety of ammunitions that would help them succeed in their respective industry, We conduct practical hands-on workshops and seminars, which provide software developers with the skills they require to accomplish today's greatest development challenges.

Namitus as a strategic IT Solutions and Services provider would enable corporate meet all their high end training requirements and facilitate corporate focus on their core business operations. Our goal is to address this need and partner with our clients to offer customized training solutions to suit specific requirements of our business partners.

Our instructors and course designers are primarily programmers and technical leads, each bringing over 10 years of professional development experience with them. Our unique consultative approach to teaching ensures that the students receive benefits well beyond what exists in course materials. Different learning methods are utilized in delivery in order to ensure effectiveness like self- assessment Session, World Class Technical CBT's, breakout sessions, Multimedia presentation, group discussions and other stimulating learning methodologies. Training is conducted in US as well as in our offshore development center in India.

    Namitus has an expansive catalog of courses that address skill needs related to IT tools, technical methodologies and business processes. Browse our course catalog to find the righttraining options for your teams.
  • Web Development
  • Business Analysis
  • Database Design and Administration
  • Network Engineering and Administration
  • Project Management
  • Mainframe Programming
  • Software Development and Engineering
  • Systems Analysis
  • Help Desk and Technical Support
  • Technical Writing

Agile Training and Coaching
Agile methodologies for implementation bring collaboration, feedback and continuous improvement to the development cycle, resulting in a more adaptive IT department. However, the move to Agile requires careful planning and change management to be successful.

Namitus Agile Solutions
Namitus Agile training and coaching solutions help educate clients on Agile principles, allowing them to enable change and deliver more value, faster.

    Sample Coaching Services
  • Agile Assessments
  • Agile Organizational Transformation
  • Agile ALM Implementation
  • Agile Pilot Scrum/XP
  • Agile Pilot Lean/Kanban
  • Agile Story Writing & Release Planning Workshop
  • Agile Estimation Workshop

Agile Training Services
Our training services focus on the foundations of Agile methodology, covering the terminology, tools and how it works. Namitus offers an expansive Agile course catalog.

We specialize in building comprehensive learner-centric curriculums to achieve business outcomes with classroom, virtual or blended models. We tailor solutions to fit each client’s audience, whether for leadership, team or role-based positions.

Agile Coaching Services
Namitus coaching engagements integrate expert coaches with delivery teams to provide real-time, hands-on support, enabling organizations to immediately apply Agile principles and practices.

While working within delivery teams to provide specific skills, coaches simultaneously educate, inform and garner buy-in from management, executive leadership and internal stakeholders. This approach is vital to a successful and sustainable Agile adoption or transformation.

  • Delivery Team Coaching
    Coaches integrate with delivery teams on a daily basis to increase Agile understanding and adoption. This technique provides real-time and direct feedback and can be combined with training.
  • Organizational Adoption Coaching
    Prior to or in conjunction with team coaching, we delve into an organization, identifying and educating key stakeholders, and building partnerships to ensure the sustainability of a transformation or adoption.
  • Surgical Coaching
    For practicing Agile teams who need more in-depth coaching around specific practices, techniques and/or pain points, coaches provide real-time, hands-on feedback and direction to improve and build budding Agile programs

The Value We Bring

  • Customized Approach: We work with each client to define success up front and tailor our approach to efficiently deliver those results. When it comes to selecting an Agile coach, we look for cultural fit with the client. We also offer virtual training and coaching to provide cost-effective solutions for distributed teams. Any of our training courses can be customized, tailored and combined with coaching to ensure clients get the education, guidance and support they need.
  • Access to Top Talent: Our Education Services practice offers highly qualified coaches, trainers and practical Agile development experts. Plus, our network IT professionals allows us to place the right people in the right positions at the right time.

    Our resources’ Agile skill set include:
  • Microsoft .NET, Java and Open Source technologies
  • Expertise with HP and other industry standard testing tools
  • Agile, automation and performance testing
  • Java/J2EE/IBM WebSphere development and server technologies
  • IBM Mainframe COBOL, CICS and DB2 technologies
  • HP-Mercury testing tools
  • Oracle database development and data warehouse technologies

Consistent Outcomes: Namitus standardized resources and processes enable predictable results that can be measured, controlled and continuously improved. We utilize a Service Management Portal, Visual Process Library and a Unified Project Management Methodology™ system which serves as a central repository for our project management and performance process methodologies and templates.