Welcome To Namitus Technologies

About Us

Namitus Technologies is a global management and technology company. We are based at Dallas, a Texas incorporated company since 2006. Our team exceptionally experienced and qualified to understand customer requirements, needs and deliver them in a timely manner with high quality. We pride ourselves in treating each client very special by following a conscious, structured investigation process to develop a customized solution with a collaborative working style for customer business growth and needs.

As we are a technology company with an employee oriented and customer centric attitude, comprising of people who like the chance to solve complex technical problems with a analytical and reasoning knowledge young talented professionals

Namitus teams is specialize in the areas of Microsoft and Java, SAP, Oracle, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence, Web Technologies, System Integration and Migration. We designed and built innovative applications for leading domestic and multi-national companies worldwide, which helped improvement in our client’s business needs and information technology applications performance. Our primary focus configurable IT Solutions and business intelligence applications with cutting edge technology for client organizations using our services like Staffing and Consulting, Managed Services, training and Outsourcing and project management and project development.

Our business intelligence services created strategic advantage, improve business processes, leverage technology innovation and enhance organizational performance for leading multinational and domestic companies worldwide. We delivered complex and highly innovative IT projects, with highly trained and skillful technology development capabilities. Our teams combine unique access to the strategic insights of leading experts from various business models knowledge base with the practical industry experience of information and technology project management and development. Our teams apply cutting technical and strategic analysis to impact application development and it’s performance improvements. The breadth of education and technology with customer focus defines our areas of expertise. Our IT consultants and experts use qualitative and quantitative research and analysis to understand complex business requirement and develop project plans and execution process with better manageable and controllable project processes for most effective and efficient deliverables. Our strengths are Experienced, senior consultants with deep domain and technical expertise, focused on practical, high performance solutions for the customer business needs, ability to integrate multiple applications and complex functionalities with collaborative working style. Working hard toward continuous improvement, and stretching the team caliber, we have several success stories in developing best practiced methodologies, models and tools that best serve to build the applications for customer with specific requirements and needs.